I'm Myla

I’m Myla Leinweber (pronounced line-webber), and I’m a PCI certified parent coach and parent educator.  


I am also a former kindergarten teacher with a Master’s in Education, and most importantly a mom of two young girls. 


While I was teaching kindergarten I would meet with the parents and ask "how are you handling this at home, so we can be on the same page?"  Most often, parents weren't sure how to handle challenges, and were asking me if I had resources or ideas to share. 


I realized that parents needed more support than they were getting. 


After my first daughter was born, I sought out parenting information that matched our family values, I looked for books and people who were sharing offerings instead of "shoulds" or advice that left me feeling guilty or like an awful parent. I couldn't find non-judgemental parenting support that felt like it was offering me something, instead of shaming me. 


I already had 8 years of post secondary education in child development, education and psychology when I joined the Parent Coaching Institute. Here I was able to combine all of education and thesis work into information I could offer to parents. 

I finally was able to create the content and spaces that I yearned for a new parent. 


I currently live in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, where I joyfully ski, mountain bike and do yoga with my family. 


I don’t take this work lightly, and am fiercely committed to helping parents raise a generation of kids who are emotionally intelligent, resilient, have grit, perseverance and are problem solvers. 


I have worked with thousands of parents supporting them to feel more confident in their parenting, and ultimately having more joy. 



Not JUST a Mom, Wife, Coach, Educator

In today's world, I understand the appeal of knowing who we are working with, more than just someone's credentials. Here are a few different parts of me that inform my work with parents (being outdoors, having an active lifestyle, modelling a joyful lifestyle, allowing space for all parts of me and self-care practices).

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